Wow its been a while

Time for a well needed update. 

I cant believe this site is up to over 100,000 views in 4 years WOW. I never thought in a million years that someone would actually enjoy the shit I write. I look back from when I first started the blog and see a lot of change that has happened over the years. I can honestly say that I am a much different person from when I first started this and I have learned a lot of life lessons along the way. 

I am going to school and changed my major to painting. At first I was going the route of pre-med but realized that my passion is in my art. I can’t wait for school to start back up in the fall. I am still 24/7 and there is no sign of that changing. At this point not sure if I could go back. I have had some interesting adventures wearing diapers to college. I have worn thin ones and I have worn thick ones. I have never really had a comment at school about them. 

I have a great girlfriend who is living with me and we have a 5 month old Siberian Husky named Koda who is so amazing. I adopted him from the Humaine Society believe it or not. A breeder had left him and his brother at the shelter because he couldn’t sell them and I was more than happy to take him in. We have even brought the brothers back together on a couple occasions which is really cool to see because they are identical and just play like a couple of brothers would. 

I am excited to see what the fall is going to bring. 

Stay diapered everyone. 

Be yourself

Wearing diapers has always come with a social stigma. Whether you wear out of need or pleasure or convenience the stigma seems to be the same. Whatever the reason for wearing should never affect your personality or your quality of life. If you want to do something do it. Do not let your choice of undergarment wear dictate your decisions. I have been confronted by multiple people on this topic on how to tell their significant other about them wearing diapers. I hope that through my experiences with this subject I can be of some sort of help. 

When dating someone new there are a few things you don’t bring up on the first few dates; Past relationships, politics, religion, and choice of underwear. When any of these subjects come up it can create a wall between both parties and the opportunity to really get to know each other can be significantly hindered. The only time any of these subjects should really come up is when its actually relevant information.

Lets talk about wearing diapers. I have been told in the past that I do not come off as the type that would wear diapers. I have been told that I am very masculine and adventurous and thrill seeking. This here lets me know that there is, without a doubt, a stigma on diaper wearing. The fact of the matter is that, just like homosexuality, there are no distinguishing features that would predict something like this. You cant look at a baby just born and say ” yup, they are going to love wearing diapers all their life,” or ” yeah this baby is going to be gay. There are people from all walks of life and all social statuses who find comforts in their life that may be considered taboo.

When it comes to telling people make sure to let them know the real you before you let them know about the other things about you. Let them know your personality. Let them fall in love with makes you unique and then when the subject does come up they will be less likely to change their love or opinion of you. Another thing being, ease them into the situation. Don’t lay it on them all at once. Try to find some common ground and give them something to relate to. Accept them for who they are and what they do and they in tern will do the same for you. 

Love yourself so others can love you. 


My life has been so busy between work and getting signed up for college as well as a few other mishaps and unexpected twists in the exciting life of Ben. Thank you to all who support my blog. It is because of all the support and comments and emails I get that keep it alive. 

Well, a bit into what has been going on. I am very comfortable with telling people in my life about me wearing diapers and I would say that the longer I stay diapered full time ( I think it may be for life) the easier it gets. I have yet to receive a negative reaction from anyone, friends or family, who find out. I don’t go flaunting it but there have been times at work or hanging out with friends where I have been in the middle of changing or my diaper has peaked and someone spotted it. I find that as long as you act like its no big deal so will they. 

Since I have been out I have been having a LOT of back pain due a slipped vertebra in my lower back from being airborne in the army for two years. Working in the restaurant business you are constantly on your feet and moving a lot and at the end of the night I would be walking like an old man and have no energy left to do anything. I figured that it is getting due time to get myself fixed. The VA lost my paperwork and I was going to have to resubmit it and then it would be another week before I could even get a doctors appointment. I decided to go to the local ER to get some pain management. I was debating whether or not to wear my normal Bambino Bianco or if I should go with a more discreet Tena male pull up. I knew that I would be in the ER for a long time so I decided to go in a Bambino. After seeing the nurse the doctor had me take off my pants to examine my back. I told him I had been having continence issues and the fact that I was wearing a diaper never even came up. I sat in the examination room for about an hour with no pants on and then the doctor came back in and told me they were going to get a CT scan of my back. They gave me a gown and I walked down the long hospital hallway in a gown crinkling with a bambino on and a pair of boxer briefs over it. 

When I got done with the CT scan a really beautiful nurse pulled the back of my gown around so that my back end wasn’t exposed and walked me back to my room. After I saw the pictures from the scan I realized exactly why she had done it. The diaper outline could clearly be seen in the picture.

Well, long story short I am going to have to have a spinal fusion in the very near future. This means I am going to be hospitalized for 3 to 4 days and then bed ridden for a couple of weeks after that. My mother is going to take care of me at home so that’s not going to be a problem. I have never really been changed by anyone else and I know that for a few weeks I will have trouble doing it myself so giving up that control is going to be awkward for me. :) we will see how it all goes. WISH ME LUCK.

2 years :)

Well I cant believe I have officially been keeping up with this blog for two years now. I would have to say a lot has happened in these two years. 

Thank you all to everyone who reads my blog and thank you for all the emails I have received. I really do try to answer all of them but some do get lost in the mix and I apologize if I never got back to you. Please keep sending the emails they really do mean a lot. I have a wonderful girl here close that as really pulled my heart in and everyday seems to get better and better with her. 

I quit my construction job and taking some extra personal time for myself. I have been training hard on my bike and, after only seven weeks of weekly bike rides, I completed my first century ride. I road 102.8 miles the other day and I am very proud of my achievement. My next goal is in the works for next summer, I am planning to do a cross country ride which will take me two months to do from California to Florida. I am going to try to get sponsored by Abena for this ride because I wear the M3s when I ride. 

I think that by me sponsoring a diaper company for a biking event like this can really help establish confidence in people to try to do the same. :) Biking is great exercise and I believe that nothing should stop you from trying to live and maintain a healthy life. If I can wear a diaper in any situation so can you. 

If you want any help or motivation please feel free to email me and I will gladly pass on my experiences to you. Image

My new toy!

Well on Friday I went running for the first time in 9 months and wow am I out of shape…… I ran 3.5 miles on hills and it felt great and I am determined to get myself back in shape. I decided that I am going to train to be able to do a triathlon. Well, to do a triathlon I need a bike. I went down to the bike shop in town and got a sweet deal on a Trek. I got a nine hundred dollar bike for 650. I rode ten miles today and my goal is to be able to ride to a town that is 35 miles away and back in a day.

Next comes the swimming.Image 

What’s to come of this

Well a lot of people have been emailing me on what my future plans are and to be honest at this point I am not sure what I am doing. I have a person in my life who has drawn me in and I love her with all my heart and it really has changed up my plans completely. I can’t even call them plans at this point. It is more ideas because honestly who knows whats going to happen tomorrow. 

This blog has done so much for me as a person and at the same time, from all the emails I have got, has done a lot for the people who read it. This blog is nearing 50,000 views and all I can say is WOW. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my rambling. 

The people that have come into my life have really taught me to be more open to other possibilities that this world has to offer and all I can say is thank you. This blog has really opened me up and I have learned to be a more accepting and understanding person. I hope to everyone who reads my blog that you continue to follow my journey. I’m not sure where it will end but it will be one hell of a ride.