Diaper fetish explained in detail

I have been doing a lot of research into every angle of the diaper fetish and I thought I would get in depth with it all. I plan to explain the physical experiences associated with them, the emotional experience, and the mental experiences with these fetishes and life styles. In a nut shell I am going to go through diaper lovers, adult babies, bondage, diaper sex,role playing,and humiliation. How you can intertwine these and how they can be enjoyed separately. I am in no way saying that I am apart of any of these groups. I am just trying to shed light on them. A lot of diaper wearers do not understand why they wear or what motivates them to wear. I hope this can help explain. In a recent study 40% of participants catagorized themselves as strictly DLs, 40% of participants considered themselves strictly ABs and 20% said they were either none of either or a mixture of the two. By research done on the fetish sites there is a 2:1 male to female ratio.

I first want to get all negativity out of this. 99.9% of the time anyone associated with this fetish/lifestyle has no affiliation with pedophilia. They have no interest in actual babies they feel THEY are the baby themselves. They may look at a baby and long for what that baby has as far as lifestyle but pedophilia should never be thought of in this fetish/lifestyle.

Diaper lover- This is the easiest for me to get into because this is the group I fall in to. A diaper lover is one who wears diapers for the physical sensations they bring. He/she does not associate with being a baby or infantilism. Usually the wearer gets sexual gratification out of a diaper. Kind of like some people get sexual gratification out of plastic wear, sex with dolls, food sex, etc. The sheer feeling of having a diaper on is a gratification beyond anything. Most DLs will use the diaper to urinate into some will use it also to defecate and yet others are completely grossed out by using them and will just wear the diaper to wear it. There are a lot of undiscovered diaper lovers. A lot are like I was a few years ago. Feeling that they are alone in the world and probably the only one who has this feeling for wearing a diaper. Since there has never been an official study done on this it is unknown of the cause of such a desire. Diaper lovers continue to be a mystery to be understood.

Adult baby- This is someone who has interest and/or takes part in infantilistic activities or role play. This may include wearing a diaper, playing with baby toys, eating baby food and/or drinking out of a bottle or sippy cup, talking in a childish voice and/or crying like a baby and making babbling noises. Most ABs live a double life. By day they lead an adult life with a job and possibly a family and by night they put on babish things and regress to an infantile state. Most long for some sort of care giver whether that be a nurse, mommy, daddy, or a big brother or sister. A lot of times this desire can stem from possibly a damaged childhood or lack of childhood all together. I have talked to multiple ABs and the majority of them stated that they were either forced to grow up too quickly due to lack of parenting or strict parenting guidelines or they were subjected to a bad childhood due to beating or lack of attention given. This has caused them to long and seek out a repeat of a child/babyhood and make it a desirable one. Another common cause of AB tendencies is a traumatic experience that happened that resulted in a need to forget and return back to the past before such an incident happened. One other cause can be an over indulging parental figure that the individual has clung to for attention and continued such behaviors that lead to the desired attention. In an infantile state the individual can let go or all together forget any of the worries and cares that us adults must deal with. I have found that, though the individual will usually actively seek a caregiver, they tend to seclude themselves and socially outcast themselves usually in fear of rejection or ridicule. This is a very submissive state and will usually subject to the orders and desires of another.

Role play- This is usually played by a naturally dominate person who usually is not interested in subjecting themselves into diapers but indulging in treating others in diapers. They will resort to a Mommy or Daddy figure and treat another individual like a irresponsible baby who needs care. They get gratification out of taking over another’s basic responsibilities such as feeding, toilet needs ( diaper changes ), dressing, and entertaining. The need for this affection could stem from the inability to have their own children. It can also be a sexual thing once again getting into the domination thing. There isn’t much information into the subject from a professional study point of view and I haven’t had any experience with talking to or acting out the part.

Diaper sex- This is a touchy subject. A lot of outsiders will strongly link this to pedophilia though once again this is almost never the case. Diaper sex can be watching diaper pornography or taking part in a sex act involving diapers. Many link diapers to a bondage role. Diapers can be used as a chastity method to signify once again domination and control. It can be used as humiliation which can lead to sexual gratification but seeming to always stem back to control. That is unless the diaper act involves both parties to be wearing during. From my point of view diaper sex has almost nothing to do with the diapers themselves. I will admit seeing a girl laying in my bed in a diaper is very sexually stimulating I find it is more just having sex for me. Many people will use diapers in the sex such as cutting a hole in the diaper to have sex through or sliding the diaper over in the crotch to achieve penetration. I find that diapers get in the way during sex. Since I am diapered 24/7 I guess any time I have sex it is technically considered diaper sex. When I take off my diaper to have sex the cool air on my skin and the skin to skin contact is a heightened experience due to my nerve endings being so used to being extremely warm and wet all the time its almost a shock when taken off hence the more pleasurable sex. I can almost relate this to rolling around for a few seconds in snow naked then jumping into a hot tub.

Humiliation- Some diaper wearers get a rush from humiliation. This can be events such as being outed in public, being ridiculed by their significant other, or just complete submission. Being outed in public and displaying your diaper in public is almost an adrenaline filled experience. Inside the mind of the diaper wearer are all these expectations of outsiders on their thoughts of diapers and possible comments they may strew at the diaper wearer. Normally it will take drastic measures to get ‘outed’ in public due to everyone is so enveloped in their own lives that noticing something as insignificant as a peaking diaper out of your pants will not register in their minds in the amount of time you spend in their sight line. There are people who do take drastic measures such as wearing just a diaper and teeshirt out in public or purposefully mess themselves in a crowded area. Most bystanders will play it off that you must have a medical condition. SoCalAB.com has a natural unpotty training method and in this method he says that if someone asks why you wear diapers you have to tell them you wear them because you wet and mess just like a little baby. I find this as a humiliation method. Personally I don’t care anymore if people see me in a diaper. I don’t go around flaunting that I have a diaper on but if it is peaking out of my pants or they some how notice the bulge in my pants most people are mature enough not to make any comments or gestures.

There have been some case studies where diaper wearers were outed to being pedophiles and statutory rapist. These sick bastards have given us a bad label as a whole. It really is sad. What people don’t understand will naturally make them afraid. I have heard from many diaper lovers that when the told their significant other about their love for diapers they were left. On the lighter side of things there are a lot of stories of people telling their significant other about diapers and curiosity gets the best of them and they themselves try it out and come to like it.

Diapers are a harmless form of expression and pleasure. Parents should never punish their children for wanting to wear. Most of the time the child will some what seclude themselves to take part in a diaper act which in turn will usually keep them from exploring other more destructive hobbies such as drugs and alcohol. Parents should help their child understand that if they want to wear diapers, as long as its not hurting themselves or others, is okay to do. It can be a form of bonding between parent and child like no other. Nowadays parents struggle in keeping their children close and even miss out in bonding time. Diapers could be a parent and child’s way of staying close.

In conclusion I hope this rant provided some sort of insight and I hope that, what ever the reason you may have to be associated with diapers, that you don’t ever put it to the curbside because of fear of public or family scrutiny. I did as a child partially because my parents made me feel alienated and almost mentally unstable for loving diapers which subsequently pulled me farther from my parents.

Stay diapered ;)

8 responses to “Diaper fetish explained in detail

    • There is nothing wrong with that. Some people have a higher sex drive than others and each diaper lover wears their diaper for a different reason. It is hard to explain why we like diapers but all I try to do is give some sort of insight for those who have no clue and are very conflicted by their feelings. Do what makes you happy and don’t let anyone tell you different.

  1. I really think you are out to lunch on the DL. I know that many of us just enjoy wearing and using diapers with no sexual connection. I am very tired of those who continue to state that we are just doing this for sexual reasons.

    • I never said that it is JUST for sexual reasons. I stated that people who use this as a fetish use it for sexual reasons. I know there are a lot of people who wear diapers strictly out of comfort with no sexual connection, my ex-girlfriend is one of them.

    • Thats awesome :D you know each person has that item in there life that brings them comfort and security.

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