Diapered at work and in public in general

This is a big thing amongst the Diapered community. A lot of diaper wearers/lovers can’t bring themselves to wear in public due to shyness and fear of being outed. I have been wearing in public for a few years now and with time comes more comfortability. Its kind of like this. If you have your hair cut a certain way for years and you either dye it or cut it a different way will the average bypassing person notice that your hair is different? The answer is no. If you wear tighty whitey underwear for 10 years then switch to boxers, is anyone going to notice a change in your walk or just the difference in general unless you tell them? Once again the answer is no.

Try this. Go an entire day observing every person you pass or have a conversation with. I want you to take a note of every one of these people and see how many of them take a glance at your crotch or ass. Most likely, unless you are a stripper, the number you should come up with is zero. The human mind in a normal situation will only be distracted by something bright and flashy. This is what causes commercials and advertisements to be so successful. That being said, unless you are wearing a dark colored clothing and your diaper is peaking out of the top of your pants and somehow showing around your shirt, no one will have the slightest inclination to look at your nether region.

Work and diapers. I can’t speak for every job title but I can share about my own experiences. I have been wearing to work now for about 5 months now. Yes, I have to wear a uniform which somewhat takes away from the bulk lines and everything but it doesn’t take away from the bulk created by the diaper I wear. I have a very stressful and movement demanding job. My job requires me to be constantly moving back and forth across my clinic. If I had a sit down office cubicle desk job being diapered would be less stressful but none the less I have over come my own fears and being diapered at work is now a relief. I never have to worry about taking extra time to run to the bathroom to relieve myself which actually makes for a more productive day.

I wear a Abena X Plus to work which is a thick and very absorbent diaper. It allows me to go most of the day, sometimes the whole day, without having to worry about changing. Yes, with a better diaper creates a more noticable diaper. One thing that I noticed is the only one that realizes I am wearing a diaper is me. Later in the day depending on how much water I drink I have noticed a distinct smell of urine coming from me but once again, NO ONE HAS NOTICED.

If I have to change, I simply go into the bathroom and change and put the used diaper in a plastic bag and into my diaper bag. Oh, btw, I have been bringing a diaper bag to work which is a black backpack and no one has ever questioned me on what’s inside. Once I get home I can easily dispose of the soiled diaper and move on with my life.

No one will ever think twice unless you are taking extra steps to make your diaper known. With this in mind you should be comfortable in wearing. If you have the most nervous look on your face like you just committed a murder than someone might ask ” what’s wrong?” I can bet you a thousand dollars that the last thing they will ask you is ” Hey, are you wearing a diaper?”

2 responses to “Diapered at work and in public in general

  1. My first time wearing in public was interesting. I was traveling and of course I had to stop at a rest area and change the whole place was very very crowded and an elderly man walked in on me changing.

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